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Hello guys. This is a simple Java program to connect it on a database(acess..ODBC).
I wrote this during our midterm exam in my java class.
I hope u like it, u can modify it if you want! =)

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natry ko na yung porgram mo..i really appreciated it..gawa ka ng same program,,pero using AWT/Swing naman para mas maapreciate pa..thanks..

senxa paps.. busy ako masyado heheh convert mo nalang yan at saka sa visual studio nako fucos .net tau :) peu pag meh tyme ako cge gawan kita javax.swing na database program :)

boss pahelp nga sa pagconnect ng database sa JAVA?,access yung database..
yung step by step.

download mo ung codes co my nakalagay dun na read me..
basahin mo un may steps don..

eto nga =)
wahhh parehas tayo 3rdyear heheh peru sa java 2ndyear ako non

depende kung anong OS gamit mo basata sa control panel tayo=)


1.control panel (switch to classic)
2. select the administrative tools data sources(ODBC)

4. under the user DSN tab click the (add button)
5. select driver [microsoft access driver(*.mdb)]
click finish
6. under the database grupbox click "select" and look for your database click OK then CREATE.

thats it=) sana nakatolong =)

anung year ka na bossing?

present 3rd year boss! =) kaw

present 3rd year boss! =) kaw

3rd year din bossing..

try to use methods in every transactions to make it simple. =)

sir suspect

actually sir yes u can make metnods in every transaction to make the code clearer

somethng like this.....

/* This Java program will print out a series of lines of text.
The class Two has a main method (where the execution will start)
and several other methods, some of which are called */

public class Two {

public static void beginner() {
System.out.println("This is my starter");
System.out.println("Still in my starter");

public static void main(String[] args) { // Starts execution here
System.out.println("A program to exercise the Java tools");
System.out.println("Message from main");

public static void noway() { // No calls to this one
System.out.println("This will not happen");

public static void another() {
System.out.println("I am here"); }

=) but it was so simple even a new programmer in java can undrstand it =)
anyways, that was my pastime code when i was at first year =) salamat sa suggestion... modify mo kung gusto moh =)

its so simple =) methods? dont think so! no need =) hehe

thank you shaik =) hope u like it

Hi . I'm shaik from chennai. I saw your program really good.

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