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i just wrote this code for the beginners cause i found out that some users need an introduction to ADO and how to connect vb to access.. features (ADD, UPDATE, DELETE, SEARCH) para sa mga kapwa source at beginners :) sana makatolong mamats!

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marunong ka gumawa ng log in/ log out, na oracle 10g yung database??

never ko pa kasi na try mag program gamit oracle eh hehe
senxa na peu same ways of coding lang sila.. VB 6 ba? o .net? to oracle?

di kopa na try mag use ng oracle eh kasi wala me oracle.. peu ano ba yan? sa vb 6 bayan? .net?

ahm sa visual basic 6, medyo nalito ako kong panu e empliment eh, ahh same way of coding lang pala

yap same way of coding hehhe actually nag start din ako sa vb 6 sa advanced lesson ko peu tinutoro samin so 2 background ko hehehe

yap same way of coding lang kaso mas matiik .net hehehe peu kung com object pag uusapan sa vb6 :) parang pag switch lang ng ADO to

just wanna ask..
i create a program that add, save, and delete data. i used visual basic 2008 express. first, is there have any difference between visual studio 2008?
second as i click the save button. the data that i input to my textbox is automatically save in my database. i use access as my database. but after i closed the program all the data that i save is already gone. here is the code that i used.


can you help to find what wrong why all the data is automatically deleted as i closed my program.

and can you give me some code for verifying whether the data already exist like the userID.

here my my email. [email protected]


i look forward for the response.

download this:

ahmp i never tried creating program using vb 8.0 my latest software is vb 6.0 and visual studio 2008 prof ed.

i thing the only difference bet. the two is that in manipulating database
in vb 6.0 com object is very powerful tool cause of its ADO library while in .net u dont need to add more referene cause ADO bcme

u use a tableadapter and thats not good for me..
in vb 6.0/8.0 u can use ado in manipulating data
so two ways of coding yan either ull use Recordset or Connection in inserting data such as (compile nalag ako dito huh hehehe)

Dim rs as new adodb.recordset
Dim cn as new adodb.connection

Set rs = new Adodb.Recordset
rs!fieldnameofdatatbase1 = text1.text
rs!fieldnameofdatabase2 = text2.text

or the use of connetion

cn.execute "Insert Into table1(username,password) Values('" & text1.text & "', '"& text2.text& "') "

sana makatolong refer to my code and other odes hir..salamat poh sa inu :)

Cedrick Blas
[email protected] (FB,FS,YM)

Good Luck Guys!


need ko ng vb code for searching dataset and display as highlighted ung results (buong row) sa datagrid view. ung database ay gawa sa ms access. bale may text box na dun mo input ung seach key then may button na "search." Visual Studio 2008 ung gamit ko.

kahit sample code lang, thanks

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