Sending Yahoo Mail in Vb.Net

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Hello Guys Here we go again. This is my ongoing project and I want to share it cause some people out there requested to create a program by sending email. This is just a part of my program. U can add features on it such as attaching files.. U can also send to multiple addresses just undergo edit and make some repetition statements (loop) and create a checklist box. I will post soon the full version with database wherein u can store email addresses, and send it with the selected address.


Currently Project. Understanding MAPI. ahmmp I wanted to have a knowledge on this. Sir Emond Suggested me to use this. I'm currently studying the receiving part of this project.

(I will also Convert This in C#, I Did in ASP.Net)

Soon Project.. Basta Mag Share Yong Isa Jan haha..

"Sending SMS and Mailing System in One Application"

"Senxa Poor In English" TTF HAHA"

Cedrick R. Blas


[email protected]

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tnx sir this s awsome tnx tnx tnx its wrk


Hi Friends,
How to send a SMS through yahoo mail using .Net code. If any once knows the code or API for this plz send it to me at the following mail id: [email protected]

does not send any email

error connecting server ? any idea

sir galing mo nman :))))

tama download kana lang or bili kana lang ,, much better if try mu din ang 2010

hi friend this is really help me

np :) goodLuck

Ahm tol .pwede vah aqng makahingi sayo ng installer ng ko kasing mag-aral ng tol..txt mo aq tol f gusto ok sayo...

ito cp #.. 09161625425..

i have professional edition of VS2008 :) bale 3gb plus sia.. :) download ka nalang sa torrentz..

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