PROGRAMMER: WINSTON L. GUBANTES Features: 1. Chat Application Sample to connect your Winform Application to Web App Chat service Useful with following Scenarios 1. Realtime based apps 2. if you want your client application(be it web or winform apps) to get notified when data has changes 3. of course can be used as chat application can be suited on any type of application(web, agent service or...
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This is a simple php chat which gives you knowledge in some lessons about php. Hope you would appreciate it... (Adding,Saving and Viewing messages is presented in this work). Thank You! --Espionage--
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As the time changes, people is searching for a medium that they can use in communicating and others continue to discover some instrument that will help them communicate with other people in an easy and obtainable way. Users also have an account, can upload profile picture, update personal status, add friends, send message, chat, add new threads in forum and especially profile updates to know the...