Online Examination and Online Voting Using ASP

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Just want to share this simple asp programme, created during my web programming subject /(asp/vbscript).

online examination
online voting

hope u like it :)

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salamat malaking tulong po ito.. isa ka sa mga tao na nagbibigay inspiration na ipatuloy ang pagiging programmer namin..
you are a hero.. at sabi nga nila ang pagiging hero ay may malaki or great responsibility.

How can I convert this project to 3.5 or tell me what version of .NET/Visual Studio that you used. Thanks

This is classic ASP.. not .net.
run this using IIS at ur localhost..

install ur IIS first.
for XP

goto control panel, unistall programs then click turn on windows features. check for the IIS internet service provider.

install it. XP(os) is recomended

plz help me can u plz provide me onlin voting coding

w8 for my source code... wat language anyways? the attached file has an online voting. yet simple only..

I cant download the, instead of dowload option make it visible on ur web.

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