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Time management techniques say that it's better to keep track of tasks using a reminder system rather than your memory. Owing to intensive agenda, working person may have dozens of works and others tasks that should be done and it is normal that even people with much trained memory cannot remember everything.
This is a critical problem which caused difficulty to people for alerts on important messages received. This is because too many messages received in their email at the same time making it look unorganized. The purpose of this study is proposing a Task Reminder System. The system enables people to get reminder about their task due to the important of the message. Hopefully, with the Upturn Task Reminder System app, it will help people to manage their task wisely and perform in the work better.

Pending Task List
Upcoming Task List
Today's Task List
Completed Task List

Please don't forget to give credit to original developer because I really worked hard to develop this project and please don't forget to like and share it if you found it useful :)

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note: Source Code is only available for educational purpose , plz dont use it for commercial purpose without permission of original author


hello my friend application files missing screenshot. do you send these files to share.

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