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NumPy Rounding Off

In this tutorial you will learn: What is rounding off the decimal? Python functions that could round off the decimals? Python Syntax Rounding off the decimals Rounding off is a simple technique for conversion of float numbers to integers, however, the resultant value will be less accurate (as we remove the part after decimal), but easier to use. The data in type of most of the arrays as a

Ufunc Arithmetic

In this tutorial you will learn: What are Arithmetic functions? How to implement simple arithmetic function? Python Syntax Arithmetic function Arithmetic operations are the simple operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The simple arithmetic universal functions in python can take in an array as well as lists and tuples to perform the index wise operations of addition

Password Tools Using Python

Title: Password Tools Developer Name: Brendan Rodgers Email: [email protected] Github: Description: A basic Python script/program using Tkinter that allows users to perform the following functions: 1. Generate a single random password 2. Generate a number of passwords specified by the user of a certain length specified by the user to a text file in a

Creating Ufunc

In this tutorial you will learn: How to create own ufunc? Checking types of funcs? Python Syntax Creating a ufunc NumPy provides programmers a flexibility to create a ufunc by letting the programmers define a ufunc and adding that function in NumPy ufunc library using the inbuilt method “frompyfunc”. “frompyfunc” function takes in 3 mandatory parameters The name of function, but before passing the

NumPy Ufunc

In this tutorial you will learn: What is NumPy ufunc? Characteristics of ufunc? Why we use ufuncs? NumPy ufunc NumPy ufunc stands for NumPy universal function. In NumPy library mathematical functions are termed as universal functions and multiple universal functions are provided which could cover a variety of operations. NumPy unfunc is a vectorized wrapper which takes a fixed number of inputs and

Online Polling System

Online Polling System with Source Code is a PHP project that can vote your favorite candidate position digitally. The program was developed using these languages: PHP, MySQLi and Javascript. The system is very straightforward, the user must first create a new account in order to access the system. The user can choose to vote for their favorite candidate. The admin has an important role here, he

Transfer Row To Other Table Using AngularJS

In this code we will tackle about Transfer Row To Other Table using AngularJS. The code will force the table row to transfer into other table. Feel free to use this code and modify as you learn from it. To learn more about this, just follow the steps below. Getting started: First you will need to download & install the AngularJS here's the link And this is the link for the

Insert Array In Array Object Using PHP

In this tutorial we will create a Insert Array In Array Object using PHP. The program will dynamically insert new array data into array object. This is a user-friendly kind of program feel free to modify it. To learn more about this tutorial, just follow the step below. Getting Started: First you have to download & install XAMPP or any local server that run PHP scripts. Here's the link for XAMPP

Zipf Distribution in Python

In this tutorial you will learn: What is Zipf Distribution? Zipf Distribution Implementation in python Visualization of Zipf Distribution Zipf Distribution Zipf Distribution is a discrete pareto distribution also known as Riemann zeta distribution. It is specified by probability mass function. Zipf distribution samples the data based on Zipf’s law which refer to the fact that many types of data