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Sweet Berries Fashion store is a website designed in PHP that is able to receive online orders from customers, with a simple sleek design available for use.

Steps in Installing

  1. Extract the project to your localhost directory
  2. Open your browser and then type in the address bar: http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  3. Create database and then import the sql file inside the project directory
  4. On the browser, type in address bar http://localhost/fashion to view your website

For more information, visit my facebook account, http://www.facebook.com/renielcanlas, search "Peter's Programs" on facebook or contact me via phone @ 09358571433

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No database included sir xD

Can you add your database.

I didn't see your sql file. Could you please send it to shabani.mtulia@gmail.com?

Where is sql file ? Please send it to titzmugash@yahoo.com

can u please send sql file to venkat.reddy2104@gmail.com

please send it to jmudarbe58@yahoo.com

please send sql file to gcoklat72@yahoo.com

please send sql file to nnvdprasad@gmail.com

Pliz send me sql db.samdare@ymail.com

whos did get sql file?


amitverma1150's picture

sir there is no sql file .
could please mail me the sql file

Amit Kumar
Computer Science 3rd year student.
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/amitverma1150
gmail : amitverma1150@gmail.com

I need "Online Gas Registration" System which id developed in PHP.
please send me project i really need it very urgently.
Thanks to all.

hi,Pls send the database to mb.harikrishann@gmail.com

Ranielle i like your style ..Can you send me the sql file at bledinjo@hotmail.com

Ranielle i like your style ..I need the sql file bledinjo@hotmail.com

Can you plz Send your SQL fille sir to rocheayavanessa@gmail.com

Please send me the SQL file at leo_manjeet@yahoo.com

hi sir.. i need the sql .. send to my email gabbyarceo@yahoo.com

nuruzzaman53's picture

No SQL FIle FOUND.Please send it test0905053@gmail.com

hi sir :) can you please give to me the sql file of your project .. :)

could you please send me the complete source code to me at cameronoutlaw@gmail.com


hey sir, how i can find MYSQL database file?

Hello, could you please send me the source code to aizhanakbiday@gmail.com
Thank you

Can u give me tha coding for online cloth shoping using html,js,php,css

kindly mail me sql file to yousafbangash9@gmail.com

could you send please the sql file to hassan-boss@hotmail.com

Hi Sir, can send the sql file to chin148@live.com


Please provide sql file ogchampa@gmail.com

jandamanyovu's picture

My email is here: bedabudida@gmail.com

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